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24 Mar, 2019

More Reliable Than the Grid

“With the right design properly installed to meet your needs, our off grid systems are now more reliable than the grid. Enjoy the complete freedom of harnessing the natural energy of solar.&rdqu ...

17 Mar, 2019

We've Got a Question to Ask You!

Do you want to generate all the electricity you will need, all year round, with no maintenance or ongoing costs? We offer superior off grid solar systems for both farming and commercial businesses in ...

13 Mar, 2019

The Benefits of Solar Energy

Aside from the practical benefits, powering through solar energy creates a more habitat-friendly environment for both plants and wildlife. To learn more about the benefits of using solar, drop us an e ...

10 Mar, 2019

Tailored & Personalized Services

From commercial buildings to everyday households, we provide tailored and personalised service for all our solar system projects. To learn more about our work, drop us an email on [email protected] ...

6 Mar, 2019

Beyond Electricity: The use of Solar Energy

Utilising solar energy in an agricultural setting provides a multitude of benefits that go beyond simply offering electricity or power through the property. Irrigation systems and enhanced power light ...

27 Feb, 2019

Live Pollution Free!

Solar power is the best way to live pollution free. Live compassionately and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by using solar energy! To learn more, drop us an email on [email protected]