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Solar Daily Lithium Battery Experts

We were fortunate enough to travel to Europe in 2011 and attended the Munich Solar Expo where we first discovered SINOPOLY LITHIUM BATTERIES. Lithium batteries are at the cutting edge of solar battery power and we will not use or recommend any other kind of battery.

We have imported, supplied and installed these batteries for the last seven years with great success. With no maintenance and a vast suite of benefits over traditional solar batteries, we include these in our 7-year guarantee.

Benefits and Progress
The advancement of lithium batteries has changed the face of solar design and put us in a position to now create designs that will last. Lithium batteries are far superior to traditional lead acid and gel batteries, their benefits are vast and include:

• They will accept any amount of current you supply to them and as a result charge much more quickly;
• No to very little use of a generator required;
• Absolutely no maintenance required;
• Measurable system voltage provides a very good indication of the state of charge;
• Ability to add to your storage;
• Can put new batteries with old;
• No smell;
• No risk of contact with acids;
• Able to run down to 80% every day;
• 80% smaller taking up less room;
• No interference with other electronics in your home.

If you do mistreat your lithium batteries, one cell or two at most will become sacrificial, allowing the others to remain functioning. In addition, singular cells can be replaced so the days of needing to replace entire battery systems because of a single cell are behind us with lithium.
Getting Started
Our commitment is to deliver an outstanding off grid solar system that meets your needs exactly, with service and post-installation support that is second to none. Progressing on this journey with us involves the following:

• Develop an understanding of what your energy requirements are and how you are utilising electricity in your life now.
• No obligation onsite consultation.
• Develop recommendations for your system design and size.
• A 4-6 week turnaround for install completion.
• Personal 24/7 post install support.